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Confronting the climate crisis by advocating for Napa Valley’s Water, Woodlands, and Wildlife
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In March of 2015, a rare joint meeting of the Napa County Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission was held in Napa, the county seat. The auditorium was packed and it became abundantly clear that concern about environmental justice, and lack of action on the climate crisis was looming large in the eyes of Napa citizens. That meeting spurred the connection of the various environmental groups who had been operating independently. In 2016, Mike Hackett and Jim Wilson gathered a strong constituency to author the Water, Forest and Oak Woodland Protection Initiative. Negative political forces kept it off the ballot, but with increased public awareness, and the need for collaboration, the Growers/Vintners for Responsible Agriculture (GVfRA) was born. In 2018, with partner Protect Napa Watersheds, GVFRA supported a similar initiative, Measure C.

Yet by 2022, continued development and the consequent destruction and overuse of natural resources, remained the norm. To reflect the urgency of the times, GVfRA adopted, Save Napa Valley Foundation, its 501c3 funding arm, as its official name going forward. With that change the organization increased its climate focused actions, launched a social and print media campaign, and began partnering with other like-minded, local environmental organizations.

Save Napa Valley Foundation strives to protect the long-term economic and environmental viability of Napa Valley by addressing climate change through the preservation and the restoration of the natural environment and resources upon which the health of our vineyards, wineries and entire community relies. Our team is comprised of community members with deep roots in the Napa Valley. Since its inception GVfRA/SNVF has supported environmentally informed agriculture while working to protect Napa County’s woodlands, watershed and wildlife.


Winemakers, growers, vintners, business owners, and environmental minds who have collectively lived and worked in Napa Valley for decades

Mike Hackett

Founder and Board Member

Laurie Claudon

Board Member

Joyce Black Sears

Board Member

Cio Perez

Board Member

Yeoryios C. Apallas

Board Member

Jim Wilson

Board Member

Randy Dunn

Board Member

Beth Novak Milliken

Board Member

Meghan Vergara

Media Manager

2023 Napa Water Forum Sign-up to pre-reserve tickets

In March 2023, Water Audit and Save Napa Valley Foundation will cohost 2023 Napa Water ForumThe Refugia Project to share our findings and proposals with the public. There will be limited seating, so please reserve tickets early.