Inspired and informed action is the way to Save Napa Valley from the threats of our climate emergency.

Actions include the transition to clean energy, preservation of nature’s carbon sequestering trees and grasslands, protection of our threatened ecosystems and the regeneration of what has been lost due to fire and drought. Save Napa Valley Foundation works with the community to support, initiate and enhance programs, policies and projects that work towards these goals. Its members and supporters strive to protect the long-term economic and environmental viability of Napa Valley by addressing climate change through the preservation and the restoration of the natural environment and resources upon which the health of our vineyards, wineries and entire community relies. 

Some of our partnering organizations:

Napa Green



Refugia Project

Protection and rehabilitation of our waterways and aquifers

In 2020 Representatives of GVfRA met with Bill McKinnon, the legal consultant to Water Audit California (WAC.) This was followed by a first-of-its-kind Water Forum in Napa, entitled “We Manage What We Measure,” presented by GVfRA in collaboration with WAC. Hundreds of people attended, and the presentations from uniquely qualified academics and field experts were very well received.

Following the Water Forum and additional discussions with Bill McKinnon and learning of his relationships with UC Davis professors and environmental stewards, GVfRA began working with WAC in the creation of the Refugia Project. GVfRA subsequently hired Dr. Amber Manfree and hydrologist Terry Jo Barber to survey and collect data related to our Napa River and its tributaries. This resulted in the discovery of 100 obstructions and 12 drying reaches throughout the surface water system. It also led to the beginning of our efforts to save the fish and other aquatic life that depends on a free-flowing waterway and to additionally initiate a program to protect the river and its tributaries against unequitable and unsustainable draws.

Through many ups and downs GVfRA and now SNVF can report substantial progress. A collaborative effort to support nature’s ability to fix itself is scheduled to begin before years end. Updates will appear in our NEWS section and on our Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.

Oak Woodlands & Forest

Preservation and protection through informed, science backed policy decisions to limit destruction of our natural resources.

Through ballot measure efforts, the initiative process and legal challenges, GVfRA and SNVF has continued to work towards a moratorium on tree removal for vineyard, winery and other types of development. Yet, ineffective vineyard development mitigations, such as replacing a destroyed woodland with seedlings on another piece of property, continues. To make the situation worse, over half of Napa County has been destroyed by wildfires. Thus, we are not only losing our best tool for carbon sequestration, but fire and woodland removal increases greenhouse gas emissions.

Consequently, SNVF is determined to grow our base of supporters and expand collaboration with like-minded environmental organizations to substantially increase the sense of urgency that our climate crisis requires. Watch for updates in our News section.


Human caused Climate Change has caused a drastic decrease in wild species. Now it is up to us to do all we can to save them.

“The current crisis of our earth’s ecosystems calls for a radical re-design of the ways we live with bees. Our mission is to answer that call through regenerative strategies that build renewal and resilience for honeybee communities.— Michael Thiele of Apis Arborea.

Partnering with and supporting local wildlife protection, education and action focused organizations such as, Apis Arborea is a major positive for SNVF.

Pollinators are essential to life, yet climate change and the use of pesticides has diminished their numbers. Scientists have found that wild bees are better able to survive. Consequently, Apis Arborea is focused on saving wild bees through rewilding. 

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